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Casino – Game Card Rules

Casinos nowadays can be played either online or traditional, just like to play bingo. The primary goal at Casino is to capture cards from the table of face-up cards. A card is captured with a matching hand card. You can also capture several cards simultaneously if their values add up to the value of the played card. Captured cards are saved in front of the player at the end of the game, who has captured and marked them. Hand cards can also be combined into builds, which can only be captured as a unit, with table cards.


The player to the left starts and the player continues to play in the right direction. So every player must play one card on his/her turn by putting it face-up on the table. You can also use this card to pick up a table of 1+ cards. Playing passes if there is a capture or not.

  • While capturing, after other players have seen the capturing card, the player will collect the captured card with the capturing card and put them in a pile face-down.
  • The card remains face up when it is not captured.

The following are the possible types of play in detail:

  • Capturing with a face card
  • Capturing with a numeral card
  • Building
  • Capturing a build
  • Adding to a build
  • Trailing


So, every player counts his or her score depending on his or her pile of cards. Each hand contains eleven possible points:

  • 3-points are awarded to anyone with Most Cards;
  • Then, 1-point if anyone with Most Spades;
  • 1-point is worth every Ace
  • Ten diamonds are worth 2-points, called the Big Casino or the Good Ten;
  • The two spades are worth one1-point, named Little Casino or The Good Two.
  • No one gets those points when there is a tie for most cards or spades.
  • Whoever has a number of 21 or more points in the first round, wins the game. Whoever has the higher score wins if two people reach the target on the same round. Another round will be played if there is a tie.
Casino - Game Card Rules