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Video Slots:
Anything You Need to Know About Video Slots

Since the rising of their popularity throughout the 1990s, video slot machines have been increasingly popular in both big and medium casinos. These are known to be more famous than their mechanical predecessors and most of the computer games featured at casinos. In reality, video slots are becoming multimedia entertainments, with the aid of fun background scores, vibrant illustrations, video clips and motion effects, all of which cater to the player and make it much easier for them to spend their time at playing slots.

There are also thousands of different video slots you can choose from, some with approximately 50 winning lines, and also enjoying their exclusive bonus games. This means more wins and more fun playing experience in general.

Video Slots vary from traditional slots by pushing a button instead of pulling the 90-degree ‘arm’ slots. Originally, the slot machines had mechanical reels that spun physically. As electronics and technologies have taken over the gambling sector, video slots have shown to be more prominent, slowly phasing the others out. Video slots should have as much as 7 reels as possible. If you learn about it all the online slots are simply video slots, you can now start playing with it. Bonus games make slots more fun and allow the players to earn bonus credits by achieving a series of new challenges and activities.

Here we’re going to learn about the evolution of video slots and what’s beneath in target for the possibilities. We would also address other aspects that are essential for the quality of video slots, such as multiple pay lines, the use of RNG (random number generators), connected games and improved hit frequency. Then we’re going to talk about both the odds of winning big thanks to the multiple choices on thrilling and easily addictive video slots.

Summary of a History of Video Slots

Fortune Coin Company was the one that developed the first video slot game in 1975. Named ‘Fortune Coin,’ this slot video machine was the first to be played on the computer, but it didn’t even take off as much as the company had planned. In reality, it’s not until the 1990’s that they already gained more attention. In 1979, SIRCOMA launched their first video poker game that became largely recognized among casino players and got their broader adoption of new video casino games these days and live casino games.

It was around 1994 when it had first seen the invention of the Bally Game Creator, which placed several games into the same machine. As just a reaction, video slots eventually began to expand as they expected, and in the mid-1990s, there were even more individual video slots created and distributed to the public.  The popularity was what began to change the industry, and as more slot makers realized they wanted to start transitioning to video slots to stay current.

Today’s modern video slots are far more emphasis on interactive elements as a whole and you’d feel unlikely to find a title that doesn’t provide additional features to make this happen. In a marketplace like gambling, creating novel approaches of engaging players should be a must. Luckily, there are a lot of game developers doing just that.

Here’s the short timeline of the history of video slots:

  • 1975 – The Fortune Coin Corporation launched the first video screen to use playing slots, called Fortune Coin.
  • 1979 – Underneath the guidance of Si Redd, Sircoma is launching the first video poker game. It is commonly embraced by casino players and management who set the stage for the video format of casino games. It was rebranded and labeled IGT, a market pioneer in slot machines.
  • 1994 – Bally Technologies released “The Bally Game Creator”, the first game to contain several games on the very same machine. This can only be feasible because of its video format, and it enables users to select the game they wish to try by clicking on the screen.
  • 1995 – The Australian-owned slot manufacturer Aristocrat Technologies brings out the five-reel slot games, that also contains new features that has never seen before. Although this slot machine wasn’t really completely recognized across the Us, it earned tremendous success in Europe and the United Kingdom, which eventually contributed to its prominence in the US.
  • 1996 – The Silicon Games introduced the Odyssey video slots, which brings radical new features to the video slot format, like large screen sizes, the use of high-tech algorithms, numerous bonus rounds and greater graphics and sound. It was thought to be the future of the slot machines at the time, but sadly, it was not possible to win favors between casinos and the players.
  • 1997 – The WMS Gaming was released the game called The Reel ‘Em in slot game and is the first video slot game to gain significant popularity in casinos throughout the US.

Video Slots Variations

Since each video slot utilizes a RNG (random number generator) to establish the better result, the variations even within gameplay itself will improve the way you play. From both the quantity of reels and rows to the betting or winning lines and jackpot format, here are all the variations you’re probably to see:

  • Reels – The number of reels will vary from game to game, but the average is typically 3 or 5 reels. The 3-reel machines are much closer to tradition than the 5-reels, as well as the 5-reels are more traditional than everything else, but the variety available means there’s a lot to choose from.
  • Rows – The number of rows in a video slot game will indeed either serve purely as a means to see what you will see as an outcome, or as additional betting or winning lines. If there are a lot of paylines for your game, there could be more rows.
  • Paylines – These are only open to players that vary from either machine to machine, or from game to game. Now, you will still see the traditional horizontal center line, but the video slots will have finally opened a chance to pay for more than just the particular result. Where there are video slots make it possible to win about every spin. Even so, you ought to make sure that you’re really betting on pay lines to succeed!
  • Progressive Jackpot – A video slot with a progressive jackpot ensures that with each spin, there will be a jackpot that will rise by the chosen amount. But these machines also need you to bet the limit before you can be considered for a jackpot, so play it cautiously.

Aim of the video slots

Online casinos have become even more popular, causing people to enjoy the thrill of gambling in a real casino while at home.  Video slots contribute to this aspect, as they have been embedded into many of the most successful online casinos in the world.

Few casinos have also taken another move further, incorporating their own welcome bonuses with innovative video slots and free slot games.  In certain cases, new people can take more benefits of their bonus by playing a variety of free spins on a wide variety of qualifying video slots.

Performance and Reliability

Originally, there were some doubts as to whether a video slot is more as accurate as a real slot machine with live spinning reels. The fact of the matter is that there are far fewer technical errors on video slot machines due to the technological aspect of their new design.

This will save casino owners a lot of money and time as they spend on actual real machines. The advent of video slots has actually transformed the way the casino industry works, and a growing number of video slots are turning up around casinos all over the casinos because of their performance and consistency.

The Future of Video Slots

Any casino players will doubt whether the proliferation of video slot machines will expand in the future. The new trend in both online and land-based casinos is that they are starting to replace traditional slot machines, then it is certainly plausible that the only form of slot machine left at some stage in the future may be the video slots. Many casinos have not yet implemented a video slot machine, but are hoping for a chance to integrate them soon at a certain point.

This might be a worrying possibility for some of the slot players, when some really don’t trust video slots because there’s no actual spinning reel. There is a misconception within the industry that video slots can also be easily exploited by casino operators, although only a very limited number of players are absolutely avoiding video slots for this purpose.

When something comes to the wider context, it seems that video slots will become the primary type of slot throughout and land based online casinos in the coming years. It’s likely that video slots will be turned into something new as technology continues to evolve, and for now, they’re a convenient way for casinos to sell slots to their casino players.

They are a new way to play your favorite classic slot games with a surprise. From pop culture references to expanded betting or winning lines that you could earn on, it gives its players new opportunities to compete and win and bring something new to an already ageing industry. What video slot games would you like to consider playing?

Differences Between Classic Slots and Video Slots

There will still be a controversy as to which are the best types of slot games to play slots online, although some players will only ever sit down to play video slot games due to bonus games and a high amount of paylines that provide several winning chances, some players choose classic slots with only three reels and one to five available paylines.

If you’re curious of playing slots online and you’re not sure what sort of slot games you want to enjoy, then below, we’ve placed together a comparative guide that will illustrate the advantages and disadvantages of playing both video slots and classic slots.

You can find both classic and video slots accessible at basically all online casino sites, and because of that, if after reviewing this review guide you want to give any type of slot game some game time, then feel welcome to browse at the top rated casino sites that are listed throughout the website, as you can play their slots for free and at no cost to see that they’re as good as they sound!

Bonus Game Features

You’ll find that bonus games are much more easily accessible on video slot games, since classic slots aren’t really built for bonus game type rounds, although there’s a couple of bonus games granting classic slots, but the ultimate way that bonus games play on these types of slots is very simple and typically a basic wheel spinning bonus game mode.

So, if you love the thrill and winning opportunities provided by bonus game rounds and bonus game modes, then video slot games are the games you should really be starting to play.

Jackpot Winning Values

As you’re going to try to find a lot of video slots and classic slots that offer progressive jackpots, there really aren’t a lot of differences in jackpot winning values that you could win when you play either category of slot games.

Though a lot of slot games would only give an opportunity to win a progressive jackpot when you place a maximum bet on live play or stimulate all paylines, and moreover if you’re thinking about playing a progressive video or classic slot game, often read through the rules and pay tables found attached to the slots to figure out how you have to play that slot to get more chances of winnings.

Payline Options

You’ll notice that video slots deliver the most payline options far away than a 3-reel classic slot usually does. Most classic slots offer only one payline distributed over the three reels, but sometimes you’ll see some three-reel slots providing 3 or 5 paylines.

The next version of video slots that now live in all online casinos using gaming technologies from huge companies, give you a range of Any and all Ways Play Structures, and this helps you to play hundreds or thousands of paylines every spin on a limited, modest stake basis.

Usual Payout Percentage

You’re looking to find some wide variations in the payout percentages that both video and classic slot games have also been placed to payout. With all this in mind, you really should spend as long as you need to do some survey to learn about which are the best paying slots with the highest payout percentages at the casino site you’re playing.

You will see both high and low payout percentages associated with classic and video slots, however smart slot players aim for the highest payout percentages associated with each slot and play only such slot games to ensure they have a decent and sporty chance of winning a slot game!

Slot Complementary terms and services and Bonuses

You won’t find many online casinos that would require you to play only one sort of slot game to gain more points, nor will they all make their incentives and exclusive deals available to either video slot or classic slot game players.

With everything in mind, you’re going to get quite much value when you consider a casino slot incentive deal every time you play classic or video slots, and all of your real money gameplay on any type of slot game will both see you pick up and gain more comp points.

But please read through every terms and conditions associated with these type deals and promotions that are of interest to you since sometimes those terms can limit the type of slot games you can play with cashback rewards!

Releases of New Games

It’s been quite a few years before we had a new classic slot game launched online by some of the big online casino game companies and software providers, but every month of the year there’s a steady stream of brand-new video slot games that are being launched and live on all popular casino software platforms.

And if you enjoy playing modern slot games with exclusive bonus games and bonus rounds, then it’s likely to be video slot games you’re going to play! This should be noticed that some mobile casino sites have begun introducing some modern classic slot games, but all of them are just copies or similar slots to those already available online!

Slot Game Variations

Low, mid and high variance standardized slots are possible to play in all types of slot games, and even so, if you’d like a slot game that will make you catch a lot of low priced winning slots, there’s no lack of low variance classic and video slots games on offer.

Even so, if you’d like a chance to win those big winning payouts and are willing to see less low value winning variations spinning then both high variance classic slots and video slots games are found online.


How to Win Video Slots?

Video slots are really a game of luck. They depend on RNG (random number generator) software to assess their winners, which is disclosed through the symbols on the screen. To win the game, matching symbols have to line up along all active paylines. A few other video slots give other opportunities to win more prizes through bonus games and free spin modes that can be provoked randomly during gameplay.